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BSG Season 3: Exodus Pt. 1 October 5, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Six:  “Do you know what I’ve given up for you?  Do you?”

Baltar:  “You know what, with the occupation and everything, I can’t say I’ve given it that much thought recently.”  Cynical.

All through the scene Baltar shows a nice vacillation in tone to Six, whip-lashing between cutting remarks like these to near-begging for her to stay and keep him company. 

Are we supposed to believe Kara has fallen for this kid already?  It doesn’t seem like very long between when she was introduced to this kid to where she’s already accepting the idea that this is HER kid is very long — a day at most based on the amount of time referenced in the other plot lines.  (Spoiler) And why is this kid, if it isn’t hers, so willing to just smile at her and immediately bond with Kara?  If anything, she should be near-catatonic from the shock of being taken from her parents. While this seems to be another minor point about the writers falling short, it does seem like every one of these lapses provides an opportunity (planned?) for the writers to reveal an interesting facet of one or more of the characters.  In this case, I’m led to question Kara’s motives toward the child based on her previous tactics with the Cylon Leoben where she would feign love to him and then suddenly kill him — repeatedly.  She could easily be assuming the kid is a fake and be biding her time until she can get a stabbing angle on Leoben again.

The Doctor stoops to using the loaded, “I was just following orders” talking about why he immediately cremated the baby when it died.  Again, we see real condemnation from the writers on the Humans’ actions.  While the Cylons have done the most despicable acts, the Humans are always showing they’re quite capable of doing as bad.



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