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BSG Season 3: A Measure of Salvation October 13, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Why isn’t Athena wearing a helmet?  Did they just think she’d look silly in one — a little like Dukakis riding in the tank?  Are they just illustrating her vulnerable side?  Strange.

Lee isn’t wearing goggles on his helmet in one shot, then in the next shot they’re on again.  I’ll make no excuses for them on this…no hidden brilliance here, they just screwed up.  Could be worse, though.

D’anna:  “How long have you planned to betray us, Giaus?”

Is this the follow-through from the previous episode where Deanna strangely comes on to Baltar?  Was she just trying to set him off guard to reveal whether he’s working for or against them?  Maybe, but it seems more likely that Deanna and Caprica Six’s questioning him at this point is primarily driven by their suspicion that he led them into the trap with the beacon.  I guess what I’m seeing here could be the writers showing the ambiguity of Deanna’s character — she’s growing to love him while she’s also suspicious of him.  I know that attributing this to the brilliance of the writers is a bit too fawning, but I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

“We want a new beginning, just like you.”  Ahhh, I was wrong in my previous post that there weren’t any references to the Cylons wanting to reach Earth for the rest of the season.  This was another teaser. 

I’m not clear on why the disease would spread beyond the first Resurrection ship.  They’ve never explained the functional links between Resurrection ships and the rest of the Cylon civilization, but I feel like they glossed over this point and didn’t give it enough explanation.

Interesting that their laws don’t allow the use of biological weapons without Presidential permission, but nukes are a-okay (spoiler) as proved later.

And so why is it that the Cylons would just bring their resurrection ship to the scene of a direct fight with Galactica?  Seems like a risky move, when we’ve been led to believe that the resurrection ship doesn’t need to be immediately proximate to serve its purpose.  Seems like they dropped the ball here…like it’s just a plot device to allow the humans to know when to snuff the prisoner, infected Cylons.  They should have just left it ambiguous, with the humans never knowing for sure if the disease would actually spread once they offed the prisoners.

I sure am gettin’ tired of seeing that same “combat landings” shot recycled over and over again.



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