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BSG Season 3: Collaborators October 13, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

So what happened to Caprica Six’s imaginary, idealized Baltar?  I thought that was an interesting technique and I was rather looking forward to when all four of them would be in the room together, with side conversations going on between each of the real characters and their imaginary love projections.

And why is Deanna coming on to Baltar so hard now?  I don’t quite understand her motives unless she’s just playing with him.  Seems like a hole in the writing, but it does foreshadow (spoiler) the coming three-way between Baltar, Caprica Six and Deanna.

Baltar’s “you need me” speech starts off very well for him, but at a certain point, he just goes over to the edge to self-serving platitudes.  Nicely done.  Just when you’re thinking he’s got a point, he’ll let a little something slip that shows how self-serving he is.

Kara:  “I just want to hurt someone and it might as well be you.”

Booooooooo!!!!  That sounded cheesy.  Sackhoff played it a bit too over-the-top too.

They get a little preachy about the necessity of representation to ensure justice.  I know it’s supposed to be reflecting our own situation with that idiot president of ours, but it was all a little too ham-handed. Using the “Truth and Reconcilliation Commission” term was also a little too obvious.  Nice sentiment, though.



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