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BSG Season 3: Hero October 13, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

This episode is the first sign that the season is going downhill.  Moore has said that anytime they do a “stand-alone” episode that isn’t a direct continuation of the overall narrative they lose their mojo — this episode really confirms it.  It’s not that it’s all that bad, but the brief sabbatical from the overall story arc is a little jarring.

So the Cylons were faking their own infection to Bulldog?  Must be a pretense to making his escape feasible. I’m basically on board with this logic, but it’s stretching credulity by just a hair.

Interesting that D’Anna’s growing obsession with death seems (spoiler) to be shared with others of her model, and judging from later episodes, her motivations are shared as well.  I’m not clear on the intricacies of what the Cylons share between indivduals and when (or if) they are ever actually indivduals at all.  Caprica Six seems to be on her own with her feelings and actions vis-a-vis Baltar, as does Athena for Helo — their model counterparts don’t back them up on these actions, but D’Anna seems to have the backing of her model line.  Is this revelatory of D’Anna’s “special destiny”?

So how come they figured Bulldog could maintain radio contact on his trip into Cylon territory?  No duh that he’d be noticed.  Was this part of the Admiralty’s plan — did they sacrifice him?  Seems like this deviousness would have been obvious to Adama, so if true I have to believe he knowingly went along with it.  But then he says, “All those years I told myself that I didn’t know what they were…”, implying that he thought it might have been renegade humans that intercepted Bulldog in Cylon space.  Wouldn’t Bulldog have been aware that any wireless transmissions from his ship would have revealed his whereabouts?  Are we supposed to guess and then accept that they had some sort of scrambled signal — something that made the transmissions appear to be nothing but more random signals against the background cosmic radiation.  Again, they’re stretching things a bit here, but I’m still willing to go along for the ride.



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