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BSG Season 3: Torn October 13, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Imaginary Six:  “I’m an angel of God sent here to help you, just as I always have been.”

Well, I guess by the way I attribute that quote it shows that I’m pretty convinced that she is just a screwed-up part of Baltar’s subconscious.  I could be wrong, I’m aware of that fact, but the way her nature changes depending on Baltar’s moods seems to confirm my view.

Deanna:  “Yes, we’ve decided that Earth’s going to be our new home…”  This statement is just left hanging that way through the rest of the season.  It seems rather startling that this was never explained, let alone referenced (as far as I can recall) again.  Why would they think Earth would be good for them?  And if they really mean something else…something more diabolical in nature, then what is their real aim?  I understand that the writers are trying to hold us in suspense — milking it for all its worth — but I don’t think a whole lot is gained by this ploy.  Maybe they have a surprise to pop later that will make this all worthwhile…it wouldn’t be the first time they’d pulled this trick off.

Gaeta:  “At first, I thought the Doctor be off his meds as well, sir…”

This does serve to remind us that the first thing the Cylons gave him after he’d been alone on the base ship for three days was a bottle of pills.  This is the first reference I’ve seen that he’s on any medications, and is another interesting teaser.  But again, we see that they’re quite willing to take small, short statements like these and stretch them out taught with suspense by stretching out the resolution.

Speaking of taught almost beyond the breaking point, Helo’s character is becoming caricature…everything is oh so very serious.  It’s getting a little weary.  I feel a bit sorry for the actor, who has to play his charachter more earnest than Gomer Pyle.

Adama calling Tigh and Kara to the mat is very effective.  Olmos can do menacing talk like nobody’s business.  Nice change of tone when talking directly to Tigh.  He suddenly tries a softer approach, immediately rejected and pounced upon by Tigh.  Adama doesn’t miss a beat, and lays into him with just as much vigor as before with Kara.  Good stuff.  Nice acting all around and the dialogue is convincing.  Kara does a (little too) nice job cutting her hair with a jackknife and then having her old “bob” hairstyle back in effect.  I guess there must be a hairdresser civilian hanging out on board.



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