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BSG Season 3: Exodus Pt. 2 October 13, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Ellen’s last moments are fittingly the best for the actress playing her. For a character that seemed to ring somewhat hollow and too simply evil at times, her final speech is the most convincing.  Sounds trite, I know but I just thought it was both well-written and well-acted for this character — something we haven’t always seen seen.

Beautiful special effects at the beginning of the attack where the Raptors fire the decoys and we’re given a series of sots to show us the Raptors, the missiles, New Caprica and the baseships in the far distance.

Where did the Centurions go that were fighting the resistance in the streets?  After Galactica does it’s little drop and pop maneuver, Tyrol says “hold it, hold your fire” or something like that and the centurion(s) are gone.

Drop and Pop!

Galactica Does the Drop and Pop

After that, the battle scene that follows where Galactica is about to be wiped out and Pegasus saves the day is near flawless.  I like the Pan Am logo on the tailfin of one of the Humans’ ships as it takes off and immediately “jumps”.

The following scene where Baltar talks his way out of another tight spot is good in tone, even if the logic of what’s being said sometimes doesn’t follow.  Why is Baltar the only one who can stop Deanna? I guess he must have some idea of where the nuke is, but I’m not clear on how he would know. 

Cylon: “Oh hey, Mr. President…just want you to know where we keep the nukes, and they’re right over here…”, pointing to a canvas tent among thousands, “…right beside the tent where we have all the human ships’ launch keys…”

Baltar: “Note to self…”

So why didn’t the Cylon base ship “jump” out of the way as Pegasus slowly advanced to the point of ramming it?  Dramatic moment, no doubt, but it didn’t completely ring true. 


Pegasus Rams the Flatfooted Baseship — What’s wrong, can’t jump out of the way?

How come Roslyn just instantly re-installs herself as president and everyone goes right along with it?

Mary MacDonald does a powerfully understated delivery of her statement, “This is not about us…this is life.” Very humbly played.



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