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BSG Season 3: Unfinished Business October 25, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Boxing is the theme of this episode as old antagonisms come to a boil. Sam versus Kara versus Lee versus Duala — and Kara versus almost everyone. But mostly this is about Kara and Lee.  Their frustrations with each other and themselves. They just can’t figure out if their friends, enemies, or lovers.

Long flashbacks to life on New Caprica before the Cylons arrive. Through these, we learn how far the flirtations between Lee and Kara went and how this led to their getting into the ring together.

Adama’s grudge match against the Chief seems a little contrived. They try to explain it by showing flashbacks of how the Chief wanted leave the service and live on New Caprica to start a family. Adama resisted the idea at first, but gave in when he began to think that they might really be safe from the Cylons there — that they’d really escaped. It’s implied that this decision holds symbolic significance for Adama — it represents everyone’s willingness to lower their guard against the Cylons. This all makes sense and the overarching conflict and regrets Adama has have veracity. But the personal conflict between the Chief and Adama doesn’t ring quite so true.

Nice juxtaposition between Kara and Lee fighting and making love back on New Caprica. Adama’s total lack of a clue when telling Lee that Kara got married seems lacking, though — could Adama really be that unaware of his son’s feelings?

“Nice” bloody embrace at the end.

The Bloody Embrace



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