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BSG Season 3: The Eye of Jupiter November 3, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Having arrived on the Algae planet that can apparently be detected from light years away, we see how the humans have been working to harvest the make-d0 foodstuff and transport it up to the fleet.  Kara shows up and we’re shown how she and Lee have obviously been sexin’ since the last episode when they groped each other through blood on the boxing ring canvas.

No sooner have they started going at each other then we see them come to grips with what they’re doing and what it means for their spouses.  Just like when they were back on Caprica and they hooked-up, Lee is the one that concludes they should leave their partners for each other and Kara is the one who rejects that same idea.

I must say that the set and visual enhancements they use to show us a wide shot of the inside of the temple are excellent.  It looks very cool.  Here, the chief starts to show more of his special purpose in the overall plot narrative of the Humans versus the Cylons in his hearing the “call of the temple”, following it in a long, impromptu hike and walking into it’s well-lit inner chamber.

Just then, the Cylons show up in orbit.  As Galactica prepares to hold them off, it quickly becomes clear that the Cylons don’t intend to attack.  Rather, they seek parlay and almost immediately, they send Baltar and the Cylon team of Boomer, D’Anna, Caprica Six and one of the Brother Cavels.  Boomer is identified by Athena and Boomer is held at gunpoint as the other Cylons are led on to their meeting with Adama et al.  The two get to talking and Boomer tells Athena that her baby is still alive.  Athena is shaken but sticks to her belief that Adama and the rest wouldn’t have lied to her about the death of her child.  This development feels a little hollow — a little bit too soap-operatic.

Back on the Cylon baseship we see how the D’Annas are increasingly acting on their own.  Without telling anyone else, they apparently managed to slip a heavy raider onto the planet surface, putting the mix of civilians and soldiers at the Algae harvesting outpost at risk.  The rest of the Cylons are horrified that they would do this.

So Adama never knew about the whole stealing the baby thing Roslin orchestrated?  This was not the impression I got at all from the episode where this took place in Season 2.  He was so put out by hearing this news, that he walks out on Roslin as she begins to lamely explain how she could have done this.  Seemingly in reaction to finding this out, Adama shows he is willing to flirt with atrocity too as he threatens a nuclear strike to wipe out the Temple as the Cylons close in with their landing force.


Adama’s Loose Nukes and Roslin’s Apperant Lack of Authority Over Their Use — Democracy?

As we’re shown the “to be continued” sign, Adama is marching on towards launching the nukes while the President stands by, seemingly (and somewhat stupidly) powerless to stop him.



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