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Whedon Dispels Serenity Movie Sequel Rumors November 4, 2007

Posted by Chris in Interesting News.
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In this recent interview at msn TV, Whedon dispels the rumors that have been circulating about interest by the studios in doing a Serenity movie sequel.

Here’s the critical bit from the end of the piece:

Actor Alan Tudyk mentioned the possibility of another “Firefly” movie in a recent interview. Is that wishful thinking? Is something happening? If so, can you talk about it?

I can talk about it because it’s wishful thinking. I always said, they made the special edition DVD because they cannot keep the DVD on the shelves. That’s what they told me, and they really went to the mattresses to make something special because they knew I wasn’t going to do a “director’s cut” because the “director’s cut” played in theaters. So they really pumped up the extras and I really appreciated that. And they also (slides into a Peter Lorre-ish voice) made it look pretty, finally. But I think what happened was that I said, “Well, if there’s hope for a sequel, it’s people buying the DVD,” and that translated into something more literal. But, no. Right now, nobody has any plans to do any kind of sequel. If they do, I hope they’ll include me, because if I find out Brett Ratner is directing it, I’m going to be so mad. That’s not a dig on Brett. I want to do more, but nobody’s talking about doing more right now. 



1. Kym - November 4, 2007

I’m weeping. I have to admit that I was really hoping that Tudyk knew something but I guess this settles it.

2. Chris - November 4, 2007

Totally…what a bummer.

3. showmescifi - November 5, 2007

not TRUE. The studio will throw money at it and the project will happen.
Also Dark Horse (the comic book publisher) has been making a mint off Serenity/Firefly comics…so this isn’t over – not by a long shot.

4. Chris - November 5, 2007

I agree…it’s not a lost cause by any means, but it sure was cool to think that it was already underway…that’s what my “bummer” reaction referred to…

5. Kym - November 5, 2007

Oh, I’m like you Chris. I haven’t given up on more Firefly. I’m just sad that this particular rumor wasn’t true-that Serenity 2 isn’t being actively discussed.

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