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Whedon on the Writers’ Strike and the Media’s Role November 7, 2007

Posted by Chris in Interesting News.
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I particularly like his take on the media coverage of the strike.  Here’s Joss reacting to a New York Times piece on the strikers which said, “‘“All the trappings of a union protest were there… …But instead of hard hats and work boots, those at the barricades wore arty glasses and fancy scarves.””

To which Joss responds:

“Oh my God. Arty glasses and fancy scarves. That is so cute! My head is aflame with images of writers in ruffled collars, silk pantaloons and ribbons upon their buckled shoes. A towering powdered wig upon David Fury’s head, and Drew Goddard in his yellow stockings (cross-gartered, needless to say). Such popinjays, we! The entire writers’ guild as Leslie Howard in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Delicious.

“Except this is exactly the problem. The easiest tactic is for people to paint writers as namby pamby arty scarfy posers, because it’s what most people think even when we’re not striking..”



1. Kym - November 7, 2007

Oooh,sensitive! ;>

Although he does have a point. I come from the hard hat side of life and I know the people I grew up with don’t tend to think of writing as ‘real work.’

2. Chris - November 7, 2007

You’re right…he does over-do it a bit. But the fact that he does it with style and humor wins me over.

Physical work is hard and demanding, no doubt. It can leave your body broken after years on the job and therefore, it’s often undervalued and underpaid in today’s economy. But I’ve never been so exhasted as I have been after focusing on writing for 8 hours at a stretch — it is surely work and honest work at that.

3. Kym - November 7, 2007

Whedon always wins me over. I just have to look at his cute teddy bear face so earnest and good intentioned, I mull over his magnificent, witty writing, and admire his championing of causes dear to my heart and… I don’t care what side he takes– I find myself passionately agreeing. I have to work hard to read his writing critically anymore.

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