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BSG Season 3: Rapture November 12, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

This episode picks up from the last with Adama threatening to release a nuclear strike on the Algae planet, the Temple of Five, and the fleet’s algae harvesting station unless the Cylons recall their ground-attack forces.  Meanwhile, the D’annas take a stand against the other Cylon models by recalling all but one of the attack ships.  Their defiance — since the other models had voted to recall all the attack ships — disturbs the other models and they begin to deliberate on the idea of “boxing” the D’annas.


The Eye of Jupiter and the Temple of Five

The melodramatic seriousness of Helo and Athena’s relationship hell (love?) continues to play out as Helo kills her so she can be resurrected aboard the Cylon fleet and retrieve their baby.  This relationship has lost what little appeal it had for me a while ago, so I’m just hanging on through these scenes waiting for something interesting to happen — something like Lee’s ugly betrayal of Dualla.

The battle on the planet surface is tense and entertaining, even if some of the effects rendering the Cylon Centurions looks somewhat fake. 


D’anna Faces the Final Five and Her “Special Destiny”

Kara’s realization that she’s got a special destiny is contrasted with D’anna’s.  Kara realizes that Leoben may have been right — that she has been seeing visions of the nova of the Algea planet’s star that will lead them to Earth since she was young.  We are presented with this information at the same time that we see the consequences of D’anna’s visions of the final five and her special destiny reaches its climax.  It seems that we’re being shown a possible future of Kara’s character through D’anna’s experience. As D’anna and her entire model is “boxed” by the rest of the Cylons for her messianic tendencies, we’re left to question whether Kara’s visions will lead her down a similar path and whether she is herself, a Cylon.



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