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BSG Season 3: Taking a Break from All Your Worries November 17, 2007

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).

Now that the Humans have once again slipped the Cylons’ noose and escaped from the Algae planet, we find Baltar preparing to hang himself inside his jail cell on Galactica, his imaginary Six egging him on.  Just as Baltar is haunted by his betrayals of his human friends, Gaeta is haunted by his role in helping Baltar and the Cylons on New Caprica.  So Gaeta tries to gain access to Baltar’s cell — most likely to kill him — at the same moment that Baltar’s imaginary Six kicks the bed out from under him and the hanging begins.  In the midst of a death-dream where he’s resurrected as a Cylon and then told he’s actually human and attacked by Six, Baltar is saved and revived by his guard and Gaeta.


 Both Lee and Baltar are Tortured by Guilt — At Least Lee Can Take Refuge in Booze

Cut to Lee and the Chief drinking and commiserating about married life, followed by a drunk Lee returning to his quarters where Dualla awaits.  Interestingly, she gives him an earful about his drinking even while she has a glass of wine in front of her that she’s obviously been sipping from.  This seems to show the contrast between how each of them is dealing with their mutual disaffection.  Lee is drinking to escape from the guilt of his failing marriage, while Dualla is drinking (though I’m assuming, far less) to ruminate on it.

Roslin confronts Baltar to try and shake a confession out of him for his traitorous actions.  While Baltar argues with her and himself over whether he’s really guilty, we’re trying to figure out the same thing, going over what we saw happen both on Caprica and New Caprica to determine whether he really had a chance to defy the Cylons.  In my estimation, while Baltar is certainly guilty of near-criminal acts of self-preservation, he is not guilty of outright treason.  He was always under the thumb of the Cylons during the occupation, and I suspect that he couldn’t have made a move against them without their finding out. 

Gee, they sure have no shortage of alcohol in the fleet, even after they almost starved to death a few episodes ago.  Yes, yes, I’m sure the algae can be distilled into a fine brew, but it seems like they would have higher priorities in the midst of their flight for survival.

There are interesting parallels being drawn between Baltar’s desire for redemption and the Cylons’ monotheistic religion.  One of the main differences between Christianity and polytheism is the concept of sin and the ability to have your sins forgiven by the “one true god”.  Baltar is clearly seeking salvation from his sins, and is hoping that he is a Cylon, thereby absolving him of the guilt he feels for unwittingly (mostly) helping them.

Nice interplay of scenes between Lee bearing his soul to Dualla, admitting his love for her an asking for another chance, and Baltar opening himself up to Gaeta.  Gaeta offers Baltar his compassion the possibility of relief from his imprisonment and some hint of friendship, but Baltar doesn’t fall for it.  He knows he’s being played and figures it out.  Gaeta appears to be acting out of guilt for his role in helping Baltar on New Caprica — his facade of friendship is paper-thin.  Similarly, Lee professes his continuing love for Dualla, but she doesn’t buy it.  She knows that Lee is reacting more to the guilt he feels about his marital infidelities than his feelings of love for her. 



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