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BSG Season 3: A Day in the Life January 19, 2008

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).


 Ho Hum…Cally’s on Life Support — So is Season 3

And, as the title suggests, this is another episode on the downward slide of season 3 where the series arc development is largely put on hold to serve the contractual needs of individual cast members — in this case, mostly Olmos.  Fortunately, the fact that the episode concentrates on Adama is also its redeeming strength.  Since Olmos is such a strong acting presence, he carries this one almost entirely on his back, making it a tolerable if not entertaining experience.

So it’s Adama’s wedding anniversary and we find out that he uses this day every year to wallow in the memories of his failed marriage.  As a parallel and contrast to his personal experience, the Chief and Cally get trapped in an airlock that’s slowly leaking air into space.  So just to be sure we have some drama mixed in with the laments of Adama, the Chief’s marriage is threatened by two factors:  the demands of his job (similar to what killed Adama’s marriage), and the now air-bleeding ship that occupies his attentions, distracts his marriage, and sustains all their lives.

As the episode develops, the actions of Adama and the crew focus on saving Cally and the Chief and symbolically on saving their marriage that is threatened by their military careers.  Cally last-minute request to Adama that their son should be taken care of by a civilian family in the event of their deaths echoes and emphasizes Adama’s regrets about his over-emphasis on work at the expense of marriage.

After the Chief and Cally are rescued (symbolically ejected from the ship and grasping each other for life), we’re given another 10 minutes of semi-wrap-up, where Adama discusses his marriage with Lee where Lee tells him his mother was never in love with Adama, where Lee and Dualla meet in quarters in a rare scene of domestic tranquillity for them, and where Adama and Roslin flirt with each other and get close to openly expressing their feelings for each other.  The message is simple and somewhat uninteresting:  personal lives have and are being sacrificed to continue the fight against the Cylons, but relationships can’t be put on hold forever.  Eventually, we all have to live our personal lives or risk suffering a tragic (if not mortal) end. 



1. Kym - January 20, 2008

Nice analysis; I didn’t get BSG for Christmas. I may have to break down and buy it.

2. Chris - January 20, 2008

Yeah…I was gonna ask you about that. You shold definitely break down! Get it!

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