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BSG Season 3: Dirty Hands Ep. 15 February 10, 2008

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).
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 Baltar’s Political Resurrection “Buried on Page 5” of this Somewhat Lackluster Episode

Yup…the downhill slide continues, but perhaps not at such a dramatic pace.  This week: focus on chief Tyrol and his labor-leaning tendencies.  Man of the people that he his, this episode shows the chief pulled into the middle of a labor conflict between the fleet brass and the fuel refinery ship.  Somewhat interestingly, the writers use this episode to set the stage for Baltar’s comeback.  Though in prison, Baltar’s revolutionary writings (“My Triumphs, My Mistakes”) are being smuggled out and distributed around the fleet.  They’re causing a stir, highlighting the economic and political disparities between Capricans and the other colonists.  The writings are striking a chord among the working class of the fleet, particularly in the case of the fuel refining ship.  Working conditions here are dangerous with long hours and child labor practices.  These conditions are exacerbated by a lack of more long-term prospects for transfer or career growth — refinery workers will remain at their jobs for the foreseeable future and their children will likely follow in their footsteps.  A caste system threatens to develop.

The refinery workers go on strike and hide critical machinery parts.  The chief is tasked with getting the refinery rolling again, putting him in contact and conflict with those he led as a labor leader on New Caprica before the Cylons arrived.  Forced to imprison the refinery ship’s leaders to get them to release the parts and get the plant rolling again, the chief also convinces Roslyn to avoid a hardening of the class system by instituting a lottery that rotates personnel around the fleet.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like a workable solution since the dangerous working conditions are still exist and tear a hole in the (obviously fake) arm of one of the rotation workers while Tyrol is inspecting the refining ship.  This sets Tyrol’s jaw so to speak as he sees the true dangers at hand.  He stops the plant and calls a strike to the cheers of the ship’s workers.

So as the strike spreads to the deck crews on Galactica, Tyrol is thrown in the brig and Adama personally threatens him with a charge of mutiny and a death sentence.  Adama gives the order to arrest Cally and have her executed along with the other labor leaders.  The chief caves in and calls off the strike.  Adama’s disturbing behavior is softened somewhat by his immediate release of the chief and allowing him to have a sit-down with Roslyn to discuss a resolution.

Overall, as far as the downhill slide of these waning season 3 episodes go, this one’s not so bad, really.  We’re shown how Baltar is beginning to find his voice again while very plausible class and political conflicts begin to appear in the fleet.  Unfortunately, the episode ends on a somewhat of an anti-climactic note with the chief having a drink with Roslyn discussing platitudes of how they will fight for social equity with their “dying breath”….Oi!



1. Kym - February 10, 2008

Good to have you back even though I haven’t seen BSG yet.

2. Chris - February 10, 2008

Thanks Kym…I had a great time. My wife and I went to the Dominican Republic (w/out kids…Ha!) for a week and had a really good time. What an interesting country. Great beaches, beautiful people (remarkable, actually how strikingly good-looking almost everyone is there) and a welcome break from the weather we were having here when we left. That all despite the rough edges of the country which are plentiful, including grinding poverty, waste, failing social institutions and infrastructure (man…the roads were terrible! I have a new found respect for your husband and Caltrans), and the feeling that you need to fend off the window-washers that come out of nowhere when you’re stopped at an intersection. That all said, virtually everyone we met was extremely nice and patient with our lame attempts at Spanish.

I hope you find the time and/or funds to get the BSG Season 1 DVDs soon. I also hope that my passionate recommendation to you that you give this series a chance will work out for the best — sometimes I find that when I’m taken with a movie of TV program, my enthusiasm isn’t contagious and it actually seems to have the opposite effect on the person I’m trying to influence (this word sounds too manipulative, but I can’t seem to grasp an alternative…oh well, you see what I’m trying to say).

3. Kym - February 10, 2008

OMG! I’m being manipulated. Alright, alright. I’ll buy the first season.

4. Kym - February 10, 2008

I bought it from Amazon and I’ll give it to my family for Valentine’s Day…Sneaky, huh?

5. Chris - February 10, 2008

Very cool…I’ve manipulated you into being sneaky…my powers grow by the minute…SOON I WILL RULE…ahem. Glad to hear you’re gonna check it out…

6. Chris - February 10, 2008

Oh Kym…by the way…make sure the discs you buy don’t have just the miniseries on them only. This really serves as the pilot episode for the series, but they were sneaky too at first…they issued a set of DVDs with the miniseries only and a set with both the miniseries and season 1 together. You want the one with both. Make sure you ordered this one:


7. Kym - February 11, 2008

It has the same cover so I’m pretty sure its the same.

8. Kym - February 12, 2008

Chris, I’m reading Brust’s Stephen Brust–THe Jereg) new Firefly fanfic. Have you tried it out? Its worth a read. Its not Whedon but its enjoyable.

Hint Hint I would love to read one of your wonderful critiques.

9. Chris - February 12, 2008

Good idea! I’ll take a look…

10. Full Out - March 21, 2008

Oh! Great job!
Very good and helpful post.
Thx, your blog in my RSS reader now
We’ll expect many new interesting posts from you 😉

11. Chris - April 4, 2008

Full Out: Thanks for the interest in my blog. I hope I can post some interesting stuff in the future worthy of your RSS feed. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment, but it was stuck in my spam filter and I only just discovered it.

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