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BSG Season 3: The Son Also Rises Ep. 17 February 20, 2008

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined).
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Lampkin Plays on Caprica Six’s Love for Baltar and in the Process Reminds us of the Complexities of Character and the Questions of Fate that BSG Masterfully Evokes 

This episode begins soon after the death of Starbuck and we see Adama grieving over the loss, even as his name is being pulled out of a hat to serve on the panel of judges at Baltar’s trial.  Lee and Sam are greiving too, with Sam drinking himself into an accident where he breaks his leg and Lee trying to find a way to fulfill his promise to Starbuck that he’d put her picture next to Kat’s on the memorial board on Galactica.  But putting her picture up there would mean admitting that she’s really gone, and he can’t seem to bring himself to do it.

As a scene transition, we’re shown a great shot of the outside of Galactica, looking fully banged-up and shot to hell.  It seems like a metaphor for Lee and the others, banged-up by war and grieving for Kara. 

Amid all this emotional turmoil trial preparations continue and after the first lawyer is killed in a terrorist bomb attack, we’re introduced to the attorney for Baltar’s defense, Romo Lampkin played by Mark Sheppard, the actor who played “Badger” in Firefly — a nice bit of casting, that, playing a scummy criminal and now an (apparently) scummy defense attorney.  But just as Baltar is not what he seems to be to the majority of the people in the fleet, Lampkin is shrewd and, in his own way, principled.

Lee’s assigned to protect Lampkin, and both go to interview Caprica Six to find out if she’s a threat to Baltar in the trial.  As a way of getting under her skin, he tells her about how he loved a woman once that seems to echo the experience of love that Lee had for Kara.  Just like Starbuck, his woman always seemed “…to have a way of walking — processional — as if she were on her way to her own execution.”  This description seems to resonate with both Caprica Six and Lee — Lee undoubtedly hears this echo as he listens to Lampkin tell the story of his lost love.  Caprica Six sees herself in the role Lampkin’s lost love, doomed to death at the hands of her captors and tortured by the memory of her love for Baltar, she too walks in her own processional.

After a narrow-miss assasination attempt on Lampkin, Lee feels the pull to help Lampkin in his trial, while Adama pressures him to return to his post as the commander of the air group.  Lee chooses to defy his father and go with Lampkin and in the process finds a way to let go of Kara.  He puts her picture up on the memorial.  The trial looms.



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