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Interview with BSG Creators February 23, 2008

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined), Interesting News.
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Here’s the link to a fascinating interview with the co-creators of the re-imagined BSG series, Ron Moore and David Eick.  In it, they discuss the themes running throughout the four seasons of the series and their obvious but never simplistic parallels to our society and it’s contemporary dilemmas.  The first interview file covers topics of the legal system, lawyers, trials, while the second audio file covers topics such as tribunals torture, necessity vs. moral principles, and deference to the military.  It’s well-worth a listen and it looks like there’s more to come.



1. Kym - February 23, 2008

I badly want to follow this link but I’ll bet there are spoilers. We’re about on #7 season 1 now. I’m enjoying myself and they are adding a bit more humor which helps.

2. Chris - February 24, 2008

Cool. And yes, I do think the interviews with have spoilers. Enjoy and I’ll follow along as best I can. Working on mini-series review now.

3. Kym - February 25, 2008

Chris, I’m getting ready to buy Season 2 and am confused. Do I want the mini series, season 2.0 or the complete Battlestar Galactica?

4. Chris - February 25, 2008

If you’ve seen all of Season 1, then you’ve already seen the miniseries (where the Cylons first attack) and you want Season 2.0 and 2.5 — those two together are the complete 2nd season.

Wow! You guys moved quick through the 1st season.

5. Kym - February 25, 2008

This is the only video/tv we are watching and the xbox just broke so we are watching 1 or 2 episodes a night.

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