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Caprica: How the Cylons Were Created April 2, 2008

Posted by Chris in Battlestar Galactica (Re-imagined), Interesting News.
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Ahhh…just as I’m struggling with how to survive after the fourth and final season of BSG, hope springs forth in the form of “Caprica”, the long-awaited prequel.  This article claims insight into the series’ plot, and of particular interest, the motivation for creating the Cylons.  Interestingly, the Cylons weren’t created as robotic slaves, but rather as a repository for their creator’s recently deceased and uploaded personality and memories.



1. Dan - April 3, 2008

An interesting concept. Sounds like Adama’s been tied to the Cylons in one way or another much longer than we thought. Could that be a hint about who the final model may be?

2. Kym - April 3, 2008

OMG!!!! That is too much to squeeze into the mind of someone still in the middle of Season 2!

3. Chris - April 3, 2008

That’s an interesting idea. I’ve been thinking for a while now that Roslyn is the last Cylon, since she had a physical reaction when the “Watchtower” song reached full crecendo in the final season 3 episode and the other four Cylons were revealed. Another interesting point is that back on New Caprica, all the leaders of the resistance (Anders, Tighe, and Tyrol) were all Cylons. It would make sense that Roslyn (a nominal leader of the resistance) would be one too.

4. Dan - April 4, 2008

It never occurred to me that it might be Roslyn, but your theory makes sense. I’ve been trying to figure out what “role” is missing among the Final 5. Tory is the government. Tyrol is the hand that keeps the fleet running. Tighe is the military. Anders is hope (as the leader of the original resistance on Caprica). Where else would the Cylons want or need to place a sleeper agent?

It’s also possible that I’m thinking way too much about this.

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