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BSG Season 1: Flesh and Bone Ep. 8 July 29, 2008

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Leoben Gives the Cold Stare Before Being Flushed

Yes, indeed…you might say (and you’d be right) that it’s been a long time.  It has.  I haven’t posted reviews for over a month (more?).  Ahhh, just watching the show’s opening is a blast from the near-past, and I begin to wonder how I could have stayed away this long.  BSG’s season one is certainly the best season of the series.

The episode starts with a Laura dream sequence in the woods where Leoben (Cylon) tries to warn her of Cylons nearby.  This is interesting since he’s a Cylon himself.  It suggests that Laura does not completely believe he represents a threat.  Then, suddenly he’s whisked away, as if pulled away by rapid depressurization….hmmm….well, onward.

My dream interpretation seems true (though clearly informed by multiple viewings).  The next scene involves Laura informing Adama that a Leoben copy has been caught among the civilian fleet and is being held.  Adama’s reaction:  flush him out an airlock.  Laura, curious of the connections between this dream and Leoben’s sudden appearance, suggests interrogation instead.

She wants a tough interrogator, though and suggests Starbuck.   This turns out to be an almost prophetic decision.  Starbuck dives in and is soon in it up to her ass.  Leoben quickly guesses her identity and gains the upper-hand.  He lays it on even thicker, telling her he’s seen the future and that they have a greater fate.  Then he tells her (under no apparent duress) that he has planted a nuke in the fleet and it’s set to go off in a few hours.  Stepping up to the challenge, Starbuck transitions from interrogation to torture.

With just a little more than an hour left before the big boom, Laura Roslin decides to step into the ring with Leoben.  But first, before she shows up, Leoben tells Starbuck that she will lead them to Kobol, the birthplace of humanity, and that Kobol will lead them to Earth.  As she tells this to Laura, it’s clear that Starbuck has been almost completely taken in by Leoben — she’s clearly rattled.

Laura says nothing in reaction, but immediately turns the tables on Leoben (or so it seems) by playing the “good cop” (to Starbuck’s less-than-stellar) “bad cop”:  releasing him from his handcuffs, apologizing for his treatment and saying she can do more — release him if she wants.  Now it’s Leoben’s turn to be taken in and he quickly tells her that the bomb doesn’t exist — that he made the story up to confuse them with a bluff.  Then, he makes a wily counter-move, exuding gratitude and submission, telling her in a whisper that Adama is a Cylon.  She quickly decides to chuck him out the airlock and completes the cycle foretold by her own dream.  She watches a second time as he is sucked away from her.  Starbuck is still rattled and has obviously developed feelings for Leoben.  She has an almost tearful goodbye with him, and in the second-to-last scene of the episode, asks the Gods to protect his soul (if he has one). 

In the very last scene, we’re shown one of the aftershocks of Leoben’s brief visit — a strained post-mortem on Leoben between Laura and Adama, where Roslin is doing her best to not looks suspicious of him.


New BSG TV Movie Details July 1, 2008

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Details are starting to come out about the proposed BSG movies.  According to Galactica Sitrep the first of three (?) planned movies will likely include Dean Stockwell (Cylon Brother Cavill), Michael Trucco (Final Five Cylon Anders), Aaron Douglas (Final Five Cylon Chief Tyrol), Grace Park (Cylon Boomer/Athena), Michael Hogan (Final Five Cylon Col. Tighe) and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck/”The Harbinger of Death”).  The composition of this cast suggests we may be in for some Cylon skinjob backstories in this movie.  I’m game.

Jane Espenson (Firefly and BSG writer/producer) will write the script and Edward James Olmos will direct.  According to io9, Espenson is an excellent choice since she seems to have a knack for writing episodes showing insights into the Cylon perspective, while Olmos has directed some of the more lackluster episodes.