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Iron Man: Worth Every Penny May 3, 2008

Posted by Chris in Interesting News.

I saw Iron Man last night and got quite caught up in it.  This is a SciFi TV blog, so I’ll keep this post about a movie brief. 

Downey and Stark Discover Their Potential Despite Personal Vulnerabilities

Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect choice for this role.  It’s great to see him doing good work and looking healthy after so many years of trying to kill himself with drugs.  This aura of personal vulnerability worked well for his portrayal of Tony Stark, the super hero who needs to keep a high-powered magnet embedded in his chest to keep bits of shrapnel he was hit with from migrating to his heart.  Jeff Bridges did a great job of playing the mentor-turned-villain.

It goes without saying that the special effects were incredible, but I’ll state the obvious:  The special effects were incredible!  Ahem….excuse me for that brief outburst.  That said, there are a few moments that stretched credulity for me.  In particular, there are several scenes where Stark crashes at very high speeds into concrete walls and floors that nobody could have survived, even if encased in a super-powered exo-skeleton.  But, these moments were all in good fun.  I could explain them away in my mind by reminding myself that the story was based on a comic book and the standards for realism sometimes seem to get distorted in translations to film.

It should be interesting to see how this movie plays with audiences.  I attended an opening night viewing at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, and while it was not sold out, there was a solid mass of enthusiastic fans, excited to see a favorite comic come to the screen.  So while has definitely been built up to be a blockbuster release, it’s not clear if it’s going to make a big enough splash to be considered a success.  Perhaps we’ll see it become a sort of sleeper hit/blockbuster hybrid where the initially modest box office receipts are driven up over the coming weeks by enthusiastic fans and positive reviews by the critics.  I hope so!