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News of the ‘Verse: Bible Thumping Replaces Firefly August 27, 2008

Posted by Chris in Firefly, Interesting News.
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Wow, I haven’t gone to News of the ‘Verse in a while but I clicked the link from my blog and it seems that it’s no longer a Firefly fan site. It now appears to be a site devoted to Christian spin/news.  It’s sad to see a Firefly fan site go down.  Is this heralding the slow decline of Firefly’s popularity among its once-rabid fan-base?  What a bummer…I guess Jesus has his own rabid fan-base as well, but I have to believe that even Sheppard Book is rolling in his grave at this development.  Joss:  I think we need a little Deus Ex Machina on this one…