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Star Trek New Voyages Fanfilm February 10, 2008

Posted by Chris in Star Trek: New Voyages.
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Well, I just finished watching an episode of Star Trek New Voyages called “World Enough and Time” and I’m shocked to realize, let alone say it in public on this blog, but I didn’t hate it!  In fact I can honestly say that I liked it quite a bit!  Now there were many faults I could quibble with that one would expect when it comes to the often low quality of fanfilms, the acting and the writing being foremost among these shortcomings.  But in general, neither of these criticisms could be leveled here.  The writing was solid and almost eerily true to the spirit of the original series.  The acting sometimes lacks polish, but it seems to improve over the course of the episode I watched and by the end, I found myself more-or-less buying into the notion that the characters were at least a fair simulacrum of the original series’ cast.  I’m thinking I’ll check out a few more of these episodes (they’ve done a number of them) and if I like them, I may review them here.